Heirloom Quality Blankets and Throws

working the loomWeaving is an ancient and profoundly practical art; both a catalyst for, and a consequence of, human civilization. We are delighted to be a part of its continuing expression. To that end we have chosen one of the most expressive natural fibers in the world with which to create our throws and blankets.

Unlike other luxury fibers, Baby Alpaca's luxurious softness and shimmering luster is available in a broad palate of natural colors from white to black and from light beige to dark brown. We use yarns spun of single individual colors and yarns spun from beautiful combinations of several natural colors to create fabric worthy of this ancient art form.

We weave to give this fiber its fullest expression in fabric. But we also weave to create a fabric that is a unique and beautiful expression of the art of weaving. We use a softly spun, worsted, Baby Alpaca yarn. This yarn fulls during the finishing process to give the fabric structural integrity, yet maintains its visual integrity in the process so that each yarn in the finished fabric is still visible and individually recognizable. The weave structure, the order in which the yarns are interlaced in the fabric, then becomes one more design element, adding another visual layer of interest and depth to the fabric as well as a unique texture and drape.

Our throws and blankets, including the silk binding, are hand-woven on our beautiful looms at our studio in the Wine Country of Western Oregon. Weaving is a joy and a pleasure for us. We hope that a little of that joy and pleasure is transferred to our customers each time they wrap themselves in the Handwoven Luxury of a B┼Źdmer Blanket or Throw.